Political Science (PSCI)

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UCA does not offer a graduate degree in Political Science.

[1] Graduate Courses in Political Science (PSCI)

5V99 STUDIES IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (Variable credit: 1-4 credit hours.) Independent studies course in political science designed to meet the individual needs of a student. The work is chosen by the student and the tutor with the approval of the department chair. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and department chair.

5300 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW The Constitution of the United States, focusing on the work of the United States Supreme Court and the effects of its decisions upon the political system of the United States. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5301 CIVIL LIBERTIES The historical background, judicial decisions, and contemporary social criticisms regarding civil liberties. Focus on the Bill of Rights. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5331 AMERICAN POLITICAL THEORY Major theoretical ideas and issues of American political thought from the Colonial period to the present. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5334 THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY The US Presidency, nomination, election, responsibilities and powers, problems, and principles of contemporary executive-legislative relationships. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5335 THE AMERICAN CONGRESS The United States Congress examined for how people are nominated and run for offices, how the legislative branch is organized, and how the legislative process works. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5340 SEMINAR: SELECTED TOPICS Study in depth of a significant issue or field of study in political science. Content will vary on demand. Prerequisite: Junior, senior, or approved graduate standing with the prerequisites varying according to the topic and degree of specialization required.

5375 INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS A study of the relationships among federal, state, and local governments in the United States. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330.

5388 AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY A study of the foreign policy of the United States with emphasis on policies in the present century, current trends, and the foreign policy decision-making process. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisite: PSCI 1330 and 2300.