Advanced Studies in Teacher Leadership (ASTL)

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[1] Graduate Courses in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL)

5311 METHODS OF TEACHING CAREER DEVELOPMENT (formerly CAREER ORIENTATION) Discussion of the middle school student characteristics and learning styles and the identification of sources of occupational information for prospective workforce education teachers of career orientation.

5325 APPLICATION OF COMPUTERS IN EDUCATION AND WORK Introduction to the role of the computer in the classroom and the work place through a comparison of existing computer hardware and software.

5340 CULTURAL DIVERSITY: APPLICATIONS FOR CLASSROOMS AND WORKPLACES The course will assist teachers in developing knowledge and awareness of students from different languages and cultural perspectives and prepare them to respect and address those differences in the academic classroom and workplace.

6V01 ISSUES IN TEACHING (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.) Advanced study of contemporary issues and challenges associated with teaching in public schools. Emphasis on causes and application of proposed solutions to specific causes and application of proposed solutions to specific situations. May be repeated one time provided the topic is different for a maximum of six total hours.

6V31 SPECIAL PROJECTS (Variable credit: 1-3 credit hours.) Review of current developments in the teaching of business education.

6302 MODELS OF TEACHING Study of models of instruction.

6303 TEACHER LEADERSHIP Candidates examine the roles and challenges of teacher leadership. Candidates explore topics such as characteristics and styles of leadership, functions of leadership, and the influence of teacher leadership on school culture.

6304 SECONDARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM Principles and techniques in selecting and organizing curricular materials.

6305 CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT This course provides detailed information on (1) the functions of assessment in the classroom, (2) development and administration of teacher-developed assessment techniques and interpretation of their results, and (3) interpretation of externally developed instruments such as published tests.

6306 METHODS & MATERIALS VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Methods and materials to use in teaching courses in vocational education.

6315 INVESTIGATION OF LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT THROUGH MULTIPLE CONTEXTS This course provides an advanced review of both classic and contemporary research in the three primary domains of development – biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional – and further explores the educational implications of the developmental research while offering concrete educational strategies for facilitating student development.

6322 PHILOSOPHIES OF EDUCATION Various systems of educational theory and practice with emphasis on the application of these theories.

6323 SEMINAR Current trends and issues in educational thought and their implications with opportunities for independent research.

6325 NATIONAL BOARD: PROCESSES, PROCEDURES, AND PRODUCTS This course is designed to provide a framework for National Board Standards. Candidates learn strategies for successful descriptive, analytical, and reflective writing in preparation for print and video production and how to decipher the ETS scoring models — how to read and use the rubrics, how benchmarking works, how standards are applied, and what assessors are trained to evaluate.

6335 CURRICULUM DECISION-MAKING Identification and design of components for data retrieval, curriculum decision-making, and curriculum regeneration in a school district.

6380 RESEARCH METHODS Application of scientific method to educational research including nature of research problems in education, theory of research, experimental design, techniques in data gathering, and the interpretation of results. Research reporting and bibliographical techniques.

6382 EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS Overview of statistics, focusing on selected techniques of data analysis.

6385 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Process of curriculum development from the perspective of the classroom teacher.