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Diversity Advisory Committee (Academic Year 2021-2022)

Ex-Officio Appointments
Angela Webster (chair)
Britni Elder
Jonathan Glenn
Charlotte Strickland (non-voting)

University Board of Trustees Member Appointment
Curtis Barnett – 2022

Board of Trustees Appointments
Shawanna Rodgers – 2022
Robin Williamson – 2023

Faculty Senate Appointments
Hillary Anderson (CAHSS) – 2023
Adriian Gardner (CAHSS) – 2023
Joan Simon (CHBS) – 2022
Steve Schlachter (COB) – 2023
Charlotte Parham (COE) – 2022
At-large VACANT

Staff Senate Appointments
Veneta Fricks – 2023
Elizabeth Gayfield – 2023
Taylor Ingram – 2022
Hunter Roberts – 2022

SGA Representatives
Grace Adeyemi
Daniela Jimenez

UCA Alumni Association Appointment
Aaron Knight

UCA Foundation Appointment
Jessica Taylor

Other Members by Virtue of Position
Darshon Anderson

DAC Subcommittees 2020-2021