University Committee on Committees

The University Committee on Committees has been established in order to facilitate the process of shared governance among our students, faculty, and staff in reviewing various committees, determining their membership and charge, their membership structure, and in creating or eliminating such university committees that do not otherwise fall under the purview of the Staff Senate, Student Government Association, Faculty Senate, or the Faculty Handbook.

University Committee on Committees Handbook (updated April 2024)

Approval for New University Committees and Revision of University Committees Guidelines


  1. Review policy proposals that are approved from the committees under its purview;
  2. Hear requests to alter, add, or delete committee membership or charges of committees under its purview;
  3. Recommend to the President restructuring, combining, eliminating or creating committees as changing conditions of the university may dictate of committees that do not otherwise fall under the purview of the Faculty Senate, or The Faculty Handbook;
  4. Appoint faculty, staff, and student members to committees under its purview;
  5. Publish a complete list of committees and memberships each fall on the Faculty Senate website of University Committees.


Members are the Chief of Staff (who serves as chair), the Vice-President of the Faculty Senate, the ViceĀ­ President of the Staff Senate, the Vice-President of the Student Government Association, one Faculty Senator appointed by the Faculty Senate, one Staff Senator appointed by the Staff Senate, and one Student Government Association Representative appointed by the Student Government Association.

The Vice-Presidents will serve one year terms coinciding with their terms as Vice-President of Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government Association. The Faculty Senator and the Staff Senator will serve two-year staggered terms. The Student Government Association Representative will serve a one year term.


Monthly. Day and time determined by committee membership.

Reports to


Last updated: May 22, 2024