Study Abroad Advisory Committee


  1. Recommend guidelines for proposing, delivering and assessing study abroad programs;
  2. Create policies and procedures to promote and facilitate study abroad programs such as faculty led, exchange, and language immersion, as well as consortiums for students;
  3. Review and recommend all international partnership agreements related to Study Abroad with universities, colleges, and non-profit institutions;
  4. Review all study abroad proposals (their frequency, rotation, and distribution) and make recommendations for UCA study abroad programs;
  5. Assess safety of all study abroad programs to meet UCA study abroad crisis and risk management policies;
  6. Make recommendations that promote accessible and affordable programs for all UCA students; and
  7. Promote professional development related to study abroad for the UCA community.


  1. One faculty representative elected from each academic college.
  2. One faculty representative elected from faculty members unaffiliated with an academic college.
  3. Three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  4. The study abroad coordinator, associate director for international engagement and associate vice president for international engagement (or designee) will also serve as ex-officio, non-voting members.
  5. One student representative appointed by the Student Government Association to serve a one-year term.

The associate vice president for international engagement (or designee) serves as chair of the committee. All faculty members serve three-year staggered terms.


Member Term Title
Allison Freed 2026 COE, elected
 Riva Brown  2024 CAHSS, elected
Yeil Kwon 2024 CNSM, elected
Joe McGarrity 2026 COB, elected
Brittany Saviers 2024 CHBS, elected
Doug Corbitt 2026 Unaffiliated, elected
 Cindy Lee (Unaffiliated/Honors) At large, 2024 Faculty Senate Appointee
Israel Getzov (CAHSS) At large, 2025 Faculty Senate Appointee
Natalie Flemming Permanent Study Abroad Coordinator
Ashley Pettingill Permanent Associate Director for International Engagement
Phillip Bailey Permanent, Chair Associate Vice President for International Engagement
Kaya Mason 2022 Student, SGA



The committee meets at least three times each fall and spring academic semester with minutes of the meetings posted online.

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Study Abroad Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Last updated: October 23, 2019