Student Grievance Committee


To hear any grievance from a student(s) regarding any nonacademic policy or procedure change, complaint, or infraction, and to advise Vice President for Student Affairs on proper course of action.


One faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate and one staff member appointed by the Staff Senate for alternating two year terms. One student member is selected by the Dean of Students from a pool of four students submitted by the Student Senate. The Dean of Students serves as Chair. Members cannot hold simultaneous membership on this committee and the Student Life Committee.


Member Term Title
Kelly Owens, Chair Permanent Dean of Student Conduct
Marsha Carson (COB) 2023 Faculty Senate Appointment
Audreka Peten 2023 Staff Senate Appointment
William Teeter 2018 Dean of Students Appointment



on call

Reports to:

Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Page last updated: 11/12/2021