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Sabbatical Leave Review Committee


The committee will evaluate applications for faculty sabbatical leaves and make recommendations. Both the committee recommendation and the provost’s recommendation are forwarded along with the applicant’s file to the president.


The associate provost as designated by the provost, two full-time continuing faculty members elected by each of the academic colleges and one faculty member who is not affiliated with the colleges to serve two-year rotating terms. Deans and departmental chairs are ineligible to serve, and no more than one member of a department may serve at a time. Members may not serve successive terms (excluding the associate provost). The committee selects its own chair annually.


Member Term Title
Kurt Boniecki Permanent Associate Provost
Joseph Howard 2024 CAHSS
Paulette Walter 2024  CAHSS
Maysoon Biller  2022 CHBS
Margaret McGee 2021  CHBS
Tammy Benson 2022 COE
Valerie Couture 2022  COE
Kaye McKinzie 2022  COB
David Mitchell  2024  COB
Ben Rowley 2024 CNSM
Greg Naumiec  2024  CNSM
 Susan Burks  2022 Unaffiliated


Early October, after the October 1 deadline for fall sabbaticals, and early March, after the deadline for spring sabbaticals.

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