Retirement Committee


  1. To make recommendations to the President to amend the plans including any amendment necessary to maintain the Plan’s qualified status under applicable provisions of the Code or to comply with applicable law.
  2. To hire an investment consultant and monitor the performance of such investment consultant.
  3. With the assistance of the investment consultant, develop, construe, and revise as necessary from time to time, the Investment Policy for the Plans
  4. To monitor plan assets in accordance with applicable regulations and investment policy statement criteria.
  5. To determine and modify from time to time at its discretion the menu of mutual funds or other investments made available to participants. Select and replace investment funds available for the investment decisions as deemed appropriate within the scope of the Committee’s responsibility under each plan.
  6. To engage and monitor the performance and fees of all service providers with respect to the plans, and replace such service providers as necessary.
  7. To review and determine, with the consent of the President, the method for allocation of fees with respect to the plan.
  8. To interpret and construe the plans, and process such claims, to the extent not processed by the record-keeper for the plans.


  • The Retirement Committee consists of nine voting members.
  • The Chief of Staff, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management, Vice President for Finance and Administration, chair of the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee, and Controller shall serve as permanent members.
  • The President of Faculty Senate and President of Staff Senate shall serve during their terms of office.
  • The President shall appoint a university vice president to serve a three-year term.
  • The Provost and Executive Vice President shall appoint one faculty member to serve a three-year term.
  • The General Counsel shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member.


Member Term Title/Role
Amy Whitehead Permanent Chief of Staff
Britni Rush, Chair Permanent Assoc. Vice President, Human Resources and Risk Management
Terri Canino Permanent Vice President, Finance and Administration
Ed Powers Permanent Chair, Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
Shakarie Murphy Permanent Controller
Warren Readnour Permanent General Counsel
Brent Shires 2025 Faculty Senate President
Whit Ables 2025 Staff Senate President
Mary Lackie 2024 Presidential Appointment
Yiling Ding 2024 Provost Appointment



Reports to



Send minutes to the Chair of the Committee on Committees.

Last Updated: June 30, 2022