Radiation Safety Committee

Charge: To administer, regulate, and control the university’s radioactive materials.

Membership: The university radiation safety officer and all authorized campus users of radioactive materials.  The make-up of this committee is dictated by Arkansas statute.  There are no appointed members.  All users of radioactive materials on campus must be approved by the Arkansas Department of Health through their licensing requirements.  The licensing process originates with this committee.  Only approved individuals are eligible for membership on this committee.  The committee selects its own chair and designates the university radiation safety officer.

Member Term Title
Rahul Mehta (CSE) Permanent Radiation Safety Officer, Interim Chair
Stephen Addison (CSE) Permanent Member
Steven Runge (CSE) Permanent Member

Meetings: on call

Reports to: President

Send minutes to: This being state regulated committee-  the minutes are kept in Office of Radiation Safety in Department of Physics & Astronomy (LSC 171). They will be sent to President and  Chair of the Committee on Committees on request.

Page last updated:   July 08, 2022