Public Art Committee


  1. To advance the presence of public art on campus;
  2. To create a Collections Management Policy to serve the interests of the university and the UCA Foundation regarding the gifting of artworks;
  3. To make decisions about the acquisition, placement, and maintenance of art on campus


  1. Associate dean of the college of fine arts and communication (CAHSS), permanent chair;
  2. Director of Baum gallery;
  3. Chair of art department;
  4. Student Government Association president or designee;
  5. Associate Vice President of Facilities;
  6. One faculty representative from the CFAC, appointed by the Faculty Senate;
  7. One at-large faculty representative, appointed by the Faculty Senate;
  8. One staff representative, appointed by the Staff Senate;
  9. One at large community member or alumnus appointed by the president;
  10. Vice president for institutional advancement and development or designee.

Members will serve three-year staggered terms in membership categories f, g, h, and i.

Member Term Title
Gayle Seymour Permanent Associate Dean (CAHSS)
Brian Young Permanent Director of Baum Gallery
Bryan Massey Permanent Chair of Art Department
Kevin Carter Permanent Associate Vice President of Facilities
Mya Hall 2022 SGA President  (or Appointee)
Tania Barrenechea 2026 CAHSS – Faculty Senate Appointee
Heather Yates 2024 At-Large – Faculty Senate Appointee
Bryttani Bartlett 2025 Staff Senate
Morgan Lefler 2026 Community member/ alumnus
Mary Lackie Permanent Institutional Advancement


once a semester and on call

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Page last updated:  June 30, 2022