Information Technology Advisory Committee



The committee works in conjunction with the leadership of the UCA Information Technology Division on overall campus technology and the implementation of technology plans for the upcoming year.

Annual Report and Updates:  The president and executive staff requests that this committee review a documented annual report by May 1 of each year. This report should summarize Information Technology’s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, risk assessment, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee.

Regular committee meetings will be held throughout the year with the objective of providing Information Technology updates to committee members. These updates will be posted to a shared drive that is available to all members of ITAC.


The vice president for Information Technology, one designee from Information Technology, one designee from Academic Affairs, the registrar or designee, the vice-president for finance and administration or designee, the vice-president of student services and institutional diversity or designee, one designee from the Office of the President, the director of admissions and enrollment services or designee, the associate vice president of human resources and risk management or designee, one dean selected by the Council of Deans for a two-year term, one faculty member from each college appointed by the Faculty Senate for staggered three-year terms, one faculty member from the library, one faculty member from Schedler Honors College/University College, one instructional consultant appointed by the director of the center for teaching excellence, one staff member appointed by the Staff Senate for a three-year term, one graduate student appointed by the Student Government Association, one undergraduate student appointed by the Student Government Association, and one representative each from the Police Department, the Physical Plant, and the Department of Athletics as appointed by their appropriate director.

The vice president for Information Technology will chair the committee.

Member Term Title
Terry Brewer Permanent Information Services Designee
Jonathan Glenn Permanent Academic Affairs Designee
Becky Rasnick Permanent Registrar’s Office Designee
Chad Hearne

John Fincher



VP, Finance and Administration Designee

VP, Student Services

Courtney Mullen Permanent Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services Designee
Kelly Erstine Permanent President’s Office Designee
Chris Bentley Permanent Police Department Designee
Velton Daves Permanent Physical Plant Designee
Josh Goff Permanent Athletics Designee
Steven Addison  2022 Council of Deans
Scott Meador  2024 Faculty Senate Appointment,  CAHSS
Han Soo Kim  2026 Faculty Senate Appointment, CHBS
Erin Shaw  2024 Faculty Senate Appointment, COE
Carla Barber 2025 Faculty Senate Appointment, COB
Zachery Stine  2026 Faculty Senate Appointment, CNSM
Tom Bertram  2022 University College/Honors Designee
Elizabeth DiPrince  2021 Director of Torreyson Library Designee
Deloise Mowdy  2022 Staff Senate Appointment
Vacant 2019 Student Government Association, Undergraduate Student
Vacant 2018 Student Government Association, Graduate Student


monthly and on call

Reports to:


Send Minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

April 15, 2016 report to the FS

Edited: August 20, 2022