Health and Wellness Promotion Committee


Coordinates individual, departmental, and university efforts to promote health and wellness for UCA faculty and staff employees.  Specifically, the committee will:

  1. Assist in development of a variety of initiatives and programs.
  2. Work with faculty and staff in encouraging employee participation in the wellness program.


  • The Wellness Coordinator (chair) and Chair of the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee will be permanent members of the committee.
  • Three full-time continuing faculty members will be appointed by the Faculty Senate and three staff members will be appointed by the Staff Senate.  At least two of these faculty and two of these staff members should represent a department related to wellness (Exercise Science, Nutrition, Health Services, Nursing, HPER, etc.).
  • Faculty and staff members will serve staggered three-year terms (drawing lots for the initial term lengths).


Member Term Title
Moriah Bruner  Permanent Appointed Chair
Ed Powers (CAHSS) Permanent EBAC Chair
Odunola Oyeniyi (CoE) 2024 Faculty Senate Appointment
Lynn Burley (CAHSS) 2023  Faculty Senate Appointment
Kathryn Carroll (CHBS) 2022 Faculty Senate Appointment
Kimberly Ashley-Pauley (CHBS, Graduate School) 2022 Staff Senate Appointment
Richard Hammond (HPER) 2023 Staff Senate Appointment
Steven Shook (Student Leadership) 2024 Staff Senate Appointment



On call

Reports to:

Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management

Page last updated: June 29, 2022