Faculty Hearing Committee


To hear any matter under this Faculty Handbook which is referred to the Faculty Hearing Committee.


The procedure is set forth in this Faculty Handbook under Chapter 3.


The committee shall consist of seven (7) tenured faculty members. The members of the committee shall be randomly selected by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, under the supervision of the provost, from a pool of tenured faculty, excluding members of the same department as the faculty member making the appeal. One (1) faculty member shall be chosen from each academic college and one (1) faculty member who is unaffiliated with the academic colleges will be chosen. The committee shall elect its own chair who retains a vote.

In the case of an appeal alleging race, age, gender, national origin, or disability discrimination, the chair of the Diversity Advisory Committee will sit on the committee as a non-voting ex officio member.


on call

Reports to:


If constituted, send minutes to: President of Faculty Senate

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