Employee Benefits Advisory Committee


  1. To recommend benefits provided to UCA employees and to assess employee needs
  2. To recommend to the budget advisory committee by priority the employee benefits to include in the next year’s budget
  3. To encourage educational and informational prog rams designed to promote the best use of employee benefits by UCA employees
  4. Assess health and wellness needs of faculty and staff
  5. Evaluate efforts in health promotion and disease prevention
  6. Work with faculty and staff in encouraging employee participation in the benefits program


Annual Report and Presentation:

The Faculty Senate requests that this committee provide a written report to the Faculty Senate by November 1 of each year. This report should summarize the body´s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee. The chair of this committee shall contact the President of the Faculty Senate to schedule a presentation to the full Senate by this same date.


  • Consists of four full-time continuing faculty members and four staff members serving rotating four-year terms and a chair appointed by the President
  • Consists of one part-time faculty serving a one-year term. The part-time faculty position shall be a non-voting member except on issues that directly affect the part-time faculty of the University as determined by the chair of the committee
  • The chair of the Health and Wellness Advisory Committee serves as an ex-officio voting member
  • The Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Risk Management serves as an ex officio non-voting member
  • Faculty members are appointed by the Faculty Senate. Staff members are appointed by the Staff Senate


Member College Term Title
Ed Powers, Chair CAHSS Permanent UCA Presidential Appointment
Tylar Bullion CAHSS 2024 Faculty Senate Part-Time
Stephen Yao COB 2025 Faculty Senate Full-Time
Victoria McDonald CNSM 2026 Faculty Senate Full-Time
Benjamin Thorburn CAHSS 2023  Faculty Senate Full-Time
Hillary Anderson CAHSS 2024  Faculty Senate Full-Time
Lindsey Shurley 2022 Staff Senate Appointment
Lori Hudspeth 2023  Staff Senate Appointment
Jason Cole  2024   Staff Senate Appointment
 Jennifer Ruud 2025   Staff Senate Appointment
 Alicia Landry CHBS Permanent   Chair, Health and Wellness Promotion Committee
Permanent Assoc. Vice President, Human Resources


on call

Reports to:



Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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