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Academic Integrity and Discipline Committee


  1. To hear cases of a serious nature involving student behavior.
  2. To hear cases on appeal from the Student Judiciary Board, Greek Judiciary Board, or administrative hearing officer.
  3. To hear cases of academic misconduct and make recommendations jointly to the Provost and Vice President for Student Services.*


  1. Four tenured faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating four-year terms.
  2. The sophomore, junior, and senior class presidents as elected by the student body.
  3. The primary graduate senator on the Student Government Association.
  4. Four university staff appointed by the Staff Senate for rotating four-year terms.

The chair is the faculty member with the longest service on the committee.*


The chair will convene the committee in September to review the responsibilities of the committee and the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook for appealing academic integrity and disciplinary decisions.  When the committee addresses matters of academic integrity, a superquorum of nine members is required, including at least one member of each group (faculty, administrative, and student).  If the alleged infraction is committed by a graduate student, the graduate student member of the committee must be present.


Faculty Senate Appointments:

Member Term
Buck Foster(CAHSS) 2021
Shoudong Feng (COE) 2025
Chris Churchill (CAHSS) 2023
Mary Ruth Stewart (CAHSS) 2024


Staff Senate Appointments:

Member Term
Audreka Peten 2022
Shad Foley 2023
Jennifer Ruud 2024
Veneta Fricks 2025


SGA Appointments:

Member Title Term
Ashlyn Sander 2021
Madison Aldy 2021
Montana Cramer 2021
Grant Williams 2021



an orientation/training meeting in September and on call

Reports to

Vice President for Student Services, and when appropriate, the Provost

Send Minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

* Currently operating according to 2010 Handbook Changes.