Music – Applied Courses (group instruction)

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1131-1132 PIANO CLASS I AND II Remedial classes for music majors which do not count toward music degrees. These courses cover functional skills such as sight reading, harmonization, improvisation, technique, basic knowledge of harmonic materials (chords, scales, arpeggios, cadences), and repertoire. These classes are conducted as laboratories. No prerequisite for MUS 1131. Non-majors require consent of instructor. Fall, spring.

2133-2134 PIANO CLASS III AND IV Music majors only. The normal entry level for adequately prepared music majors. Emphasis is given to basic keyboard repertory that demonstrates contrasting styles and textures from various periods. Piano Class IV culminates the work in preparation for proficiency at the keyboard demanded for BM education teaching requirements. Successful completion of Piano Class IV with a grade of C or higher represents fulfillment of the piano proficiency requirements. Fall, spring.