UCA Chapters

Alpha 1

Fraternities: Alpha Phi Alpha-Theta Psi Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi-Iota Gamma Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma-Iota Pi Chapter, and Omega Psi Phi-Beta Delta Chapter.

Sororities: Alpha Kappa Alpha- Theta Mu Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta- Lambda Upsilon Chapter, Zeta Phi Beta- Gamma  Eta Chapter, and Sigma Gamma Rho- Lambda Xi Sigma Chapter

What is NPHC?

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC) is the umbrella organization for the nine (9) historically African-African American fraternities and sororities. It was organized in May 1930 at Howard University, Washington D.C. The stated purpose of the organization as written in 1930 is, “Unanimity of thought and action, as far as possible, in the conduct of Greek letter collegiate fraternities and sororities, and to consider problems of mutual interest to its member organizations.”

Locally, UCA is proud to represent 7 of the nine organizations. NPHC promotes interaction through forums, meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various AKA 3activities and functions. NPHC serves as the coordinating agent, unifying body, and policy implementing body for affiliate organizations; NPHC organizations maintain their autonomy in the establishment of policies and procedure concerning their respective organization.    The NPHC sets guidelines in areas of mutual interest and coordinates joint activities.The ultimate mission of all NPHC organizations is PUBLIC SERVICE.

If you have questions or concerns about any NPHC organization, you may contact one of the 2013-2014 executive board members listed as follows:


President                      Kameron Lovelace (Alpha)                      Kameron.Love@gmail.com

Vice President              Gabrielle Lee (Delta)                                gleet16@yahoo.com

Treasurer                      Shannon Stinnett (Zeta)                          stinnettshannon@gmail.com

Rec. Sec                       Joy Stephens (AKA)                                ms.jmarie92@yahoo.com.com

Corres. Sec.                 Christian McDaniel (Alpha)                      kmcdnl@Hotmail.com

Sergeant-at- Arms        Sequoia Snowden (SGRho)                    snowdensequoia@yahoo.com

Parliamentarian            Daron Watson (Sigma)                            darondwatson@gmail.com

Historian                       Tamelah Redden (Zeta)                          tamelahr@yahoo.com

Chaplain                       Garland Yarber (Omega)                        gyarber1@cub.uca.edu

Advisor                          Kaylon Bradford                                     kaylonb@uca.edu

Advisor                          Wendy Holbrook                                    wendyh@uca.edu