University Research Council


1.  Review and recommend university funding for research and creative projects proposed by university faculty.

2.  Fulfill the functions related to intellectual property and technology transfer outlined in Board Policy 410.

3.  Cooperate with the college research committees in nurturing, facilitating, and encouraging the pursuit of research and creative activities by individual faculty members.

4.  review and reported fraud or abuse in research at UCA in accordance with currently established policy.

Membership: Chairs of the six college research committees and two faculty members at large selected by the Faculty Senate for alternating two-year terms.


Elaine McNiece                                   Graduate Dean, Chair Permanent

VACANT (BUS)                                  Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (NSM)                                 Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (ED)                                   Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (HBS)                                 Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (LA)                                   Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (FAC)                                Chair, College Research Committee

VACANT (LA)                                  Faculty Senate Appointee

VACANT (NSM)                               Faculty Senate Appointee

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees   �

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