Undergraduate Council


  1. To review and recommend to the Council of Deans new undergraduate curricula and programs proposed by the various departments and colleges;
  2. to review existing undergraduate offerings and make appropriate recommendations to the Council of Deans; and
  3. to initiate and recommend policies and procedures relevant to baccalaureate and associate degree requirements, grading and credit policies, academic standards, and related matters.


  1. One department chair from each of the academic colleges will be appointed by the Faculty Senate. No other department chair may serve on the council.
  2. One faculty member from each academic college holding the rank of assistant professor or above will be appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  3. One faculty member unaffiliated with the academic colleges will be appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  4. One faculty member from each academic college will be appointed, according to the procedure for appointing college committees.
  5. Three students are invited to serve as members, representing the following organizations: Student Government Association, Alpha Chi, Gamma Beta Phi.

The associate provost as designated by the provost serves as chair of the Undergraduate Council. The council selects its secretary. The provost and the registrar are ex officio, non-voting members. Each council member serves four years on a rotating basis for each of the first three categories. Students serve one-year terms.


Member Term Appointment Source
Kurt A. Boniecki, Chair Permanent Associate Provost
Keith Lenz 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair COE
Ed Powers 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair CLA
Dee Lance 2019 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair  CHBS
Jim Downey 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair COB
Paige Rose 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair CFAC
Carl Frederickson 2018 Faculty Senate Appointment, Chair CNSM
Jeff Hill 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment  COB
Kerry Jordan 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment  CHBS
Ben Rowley 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment CNSM
Alana Reid  2019 Faculty Senate Appointment  CLA
Debbie Dailey 2021 Faculty Senate Appointment  COE
Jen Talbot  2018 Faculty Senate Appointment CFAC
 Leslie Gomes  2020 Faculty Senate Appointment Unaffiliated
Brent Shires  2018 College Appointment CFAC
Beula Magimairaj  2019 College Appointment  CHBS
Kathleen Atkins  2018 College Appointment  COE
Kaye McKinzie 2017 College Appointment  COB
Bernard Chen 2020 College Appointment CNSM
Jia Zhu 2020 College Appointment CLA
Marco Ramirez 2018 SGA Appointment
Deborah Zetina 2017 Alpha Chi
Gamma Beta Phi
Michael Hargis Permanent Provost, ex officio, non-voting
Becky Rasnick Permanent Registrar, ex officio, non-voting



x-period the third Tuesday of each month. On call other times as needed

See more at: http://uca.edu/academicaffairs/undergraduate-council/

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