Sustainable Environment and Ecological Design Committee


The Sustainable Environment and Ecological Design Committee encourages, reviews, develops, recommends, and provides information about proposals that can enhance UCA’s role in the local and national environmental community.


Five full-time continuing faculty members, one of whom will be an environmental sciences coordinator, appointed by the Faculty Senate; four staff members appointed by the Staff Senate; three student members appointed by the committee; the president of the university women*; the director of the physical plant (permanent member). Faculty and staff members will serve three-year rotating terms, and student members will serve two-year rotating terms. The committee elects its own chair, with the chair from the previous year organizing and presiding over the election.


Member Term Title
Laurie Warren (CNSM) 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Michael Yoder (CNSM) 2019 Faculty Senate Appointment
Gary Thiher (CLA) 2018 Faculty Senate Appointment
Rhonda McClellan (COE) 2019 Faculty Senate Appointment
Ginny Adams (CNSM – ES Coord) 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Adam Hensley 2019 Staff Senate Appointment
Lori Hudspeth 2020 Staff Senate Appointment
Lesley Greybeal 2018 Staff Senate Appointment
Susan Peterson 2018 Staff Senate Appointment
Hannah Slajer 2018 SGA Appointment
Martin Grider 2018 SGA Appointment
Joshua Eddinger-Lucero 2018 SGA Appointment
Joanna Ewing** Permanent President of the university women
Larry Lawrence, Chair Permanent Director of Physical Plant


on call

Reports to

Vice President for Administrative Services

SEED Committee Summary 10-25-16 (3)

*The University Women appears to be a defunct organization; 2016.

**Joanna Ewing is currently serving in a faculty position on the committee, not as a representative of UW.