Sustainable Environment and Ecological Design Committee

Charge: The Sustainable Environment and Ecological Design Committee encourages, reviews, develops, recommends, and provides information about proposals that can enhance UCA's role in the local and national environmental community.

The committee is responsible for the following:

a. Soliciting, receiving, and developing proposals to enhance and encourage activities such as (1) design of facilities and landscaping that enhances the campus both aesthetically and ecologically; (2) conservation of energy, materials, and water; (3) recycling; (4) reduction of pesticide and herbicide use; (5) more efficient food production and use; and other ways of improving the environmental role and/or lowering the financial cost of the university's day-to-day functioning.
b. Reviewing and recommending proposals to the vice president for administrative services.
c. Working with the vice president for administrative services, the physical plant, staff, faculty, and students to find ways to implement proposals and programs.
d. Developing ways to make responsible and sustainable ecological approaches an integral part of the education experience at UCA.

Membership: Five faculty members, one of whom will be an Environmental Sciences coordinator, appointed by the faculty senate; four staff members appointed by the staff senate; three student members appointed by the SGA; and the director of the physical plant (permanent member). Faculty and staff members will serve three-year rotating terms, and student members will serve two-year rotating terms. The Director of the Physical Plant will serve as chair.


Sally Entrekin (NSM)                                        Faculty Senate Appointment     2014

Michael Yoder (LA)                                          Faculty Senate Appointment     2016

K. C. Poole (FAC)                                             Faculty Senate Appointment     2015

Joanna Ewing (LIB)                                          Faculty Senate Appointment     2016

Ginny Adams (NSM & ES Coord)                  Faculty Senate Appointment     2013

Lori Hudspeth                                                   Staff Senate Appointment       2014

Meghan Thompso                                           Staff Senate Appointment      2014

Sandra Hooper                                                Staff Senate Appointment      2015

Susan Peterson                                              Staff Senate Appointment      2016

Josh McDonald                                               SGA Appointment                    2012

Destiny Davis                                                 SGA Appointment                    2012

Michael Murphy                                              SGA Appointment                    2012

Larry Lawrence, Chair                                    Director of Physical Plant           Permanent

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Vice President for Administrative Services

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees                      �

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