Student Life Committee

Charge: Conduct a continuing study of university policies and regulations affecting student life. The committee makes recommendations to the president regarding possible changes and revisions as may be needed and changes in student affairs policies submitted by the Student Government Association or the Faculty Senate. The committee also establishes and administers policies that govern the recognition and functioning of UCA student organizations.

Membership: The dean of students, the director of minority affairs, three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating three-year terms, two administrative staff members appointed by the president for alternating two-year terms, and five students named by the Student Government Association for one-year terms. Director of student activities serves as ex officio member. The dean of students serves as chair. The committee elects its secretary.


Member Term Title
Gary Roberts, Chair Permanent Dean of Students
Angela Jackson Permanent Director of Multicultural Student Affairs
Duston Morris (HBS) 2016 Faculty Senate Appointment
Jerry Mimms (NSM) 2017 Faculty Senate Appointment
Long Le (NSM) 2015 Faculty Senate Appointment
VACANT Presidential Appointment
VACANT Presidential Appointment
Callie Clifton 2015 SGA Appointment
Bryce Woods 2015 SGA Appointment
Heather Saylor 2015 SGA Appointment
Ellen McKinnie  2015 SGA Appointment
Natalie Brown  2015 SGA Appointment
Kendra Regehr Permanent Director, Student Activicties

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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