Scholarship Committee

Charge: The committee formulates and recommends policy guidelines covering academic and performance scholarships. The committee consults with departments concerning the development and award of departmental scholarships and with the undergraduate and graduate deans concerning the award of general university scholarships and fellowships.

Membership: Three academic administrators appointed by the provost, four faculty members appointed by the provost and four faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, serving rotating four-year terms. The associate provost and dean of undergraduate studies serves as an ex officio voting member. The director of admissions serves as chair and non-voting member.

Ron Patterson, Chair                           Director of Admissions                    Permanent

Provost Administrator Appointment

Provost Administrator Appointment

Provost Administrator Appointment

Heather Hudson (HBS)                       Provost Faculty Appointment              2015

Michael Mills (ED)                                 Provost Faculty Appointment              2015

Michael Hargis (BUS)                           Provost Faculty Appointment              2015

TBA                                                          Provost Faculty Appointment              2015

VACANT (LA)                            Faculty Senate Appointments

Donna Bowman (Honors)                  Faculty Senate Appointment               2017

Chris Fritzges (FAC)                            Faculty Senate Appointment               2015

Pam Bennett (HBS)                             Faculty Senate Appointment              2016

Rob Parrent                                         VP, Enrollment Management              Permanent

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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