Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Award Committee

Charge: To determine the faculty member who will be the award recipient for excellence in research, scholarship, and/or creative activity.

Membership: One faculty member from each college elected to rotating two-year terms by the college. Award recipients will serve two-year terms, the second year as chair, beginning the year after receipt of the award. In the event that there is a conflict of interest, committee members may recuse themselves or be excused by a majority vote of the committee.  In such cases, the dean will appoint a new college representative for the remainder of the academic year.  Neither the committee chair nor the previous year's award winner can be replaced.  If the committee chair is recused or excused, the committee will be chaired by the previous year's award winner.

Member Term Title
Nancy Gallavan (ED) 2015 Chair
David Welky (COB) 2016 Vice-Chair
Noel Campbell (BUS)  2016
Jia Zhu (LA) 2016
Mitchum Parker (HBS) 2016
Lorraine Duso Kitts (FAC) 2015
Michael Mills (ED) 2016
Victor Sheng (NSM) 2015

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost                                  �

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

Page last updated: 9/10/2014