Library Committee


Faculty members of the library committee advise the director of the library on matters of general library policy. Student members advise the committee on any library matters that are of particular concern to the student body. Members’ reports to colleagues in the respective colleges serve to maintain a flow of ideas and opinions between the faculty and the library staff. They advise on the allocation of funds to alleviate deficiencies in the specific subject areas. The tenured members of the Library Committee serve as the college tenure and promotion committee for library faculty.


The committee consists of the director of the library, who will serve as chair, one undergraduate student appointed by the Student Government Association, one graduate student appointed by the dean of the graduate school, and one tenured faculty member from each academic college and one tenured faculty member who is not affiliated with any of the academic colleges appointed by the Faculty Senate to serve rotating three-year terms. The Library Committee will select one of its members to serve as secretary.


Member Term Title
 Dean Covington Permanent Director of the Library, Chair
Ed Powers (CLA) 2016 Faculty Senate
Raymond Ogar  (CFAC) 2018 Faculty Senate
Jud Copeland (COE) 2016 Faculty Senate
Mike Ellis (COB) 2017 Faculty Senate
Rick Tarkka (CNSM) 2017 Faculty Senate
Cathy Acre (CHBS) 2018 Faculty Senate
2017 Undergraduate Student, SGA
Mark Lager Student, Graduate Dean Appointment


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