Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee


To implement federal guidelines as required by federal law concerning animal care and use.


  1. One doctor of Veterinary Medicine selected by the President from recommendations of the Chairs of the Biology and Psychology Departments (Permanent member).
  2. Three members who have had scientific laboratory experience with animals (Five year terms).
    1. The provost selects one from two faculty recommended by the Psychology Department Chair.
    2. The provost selects one from two faculty recommended by Biology Department Chair.
    3. The provost selects one from two faculty recommended by the Dean of the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences.
  3. One member whose primary concerns are in a non-scientific area. The provost selects one from two faculty recommended by the associate provost and dean of the graduate school and the research compliance coordinator.
  4. One individual who is not affiliated with the university in any way other than as a member of the IACUC, and is not a member of the immediate family of a person who is affiliated with the university. This member will be selected by the Provost from two recommendations made by the chairs of the biology and psychology departments.
  5. The chair will be elected for a two-year term by the committee from the three faculty with animal research experience.
  6. The research compliance coordinator is an ex officio, nonvoting member of the committee.
  7. Member replacement: A member who is unable to complete his/her term may be replaced by the appropriate college dean or chair for up to one year to facilitate maintenance of the committee membership.

The research compliance coordinator serves as the IACUC administrator.


Member Term Title
Jennifer Brinegar 2017 Healthy & Behavioral Sciences
Shawn Charlton 2019 Psychology Department
Brent Hill 2017 Biology Department
F. Dunn Jones Permanent Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Ramon Escamilla 2020 Non-scientist member
Thomas Cabantac 2017 Non-Affiliated Member
Steve Beal Research Compliance Coordinator Ex-Officio


two per year and on call

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