Information Services Advisory Committee

Charge: The committee advises the CIO on campus technology planning and assists in monitoring and assessing implementation of technology planning. The committee rates/ranks proposals from sector working groups and from other campus constituents, and advises the CIO on technology plan implementation and project proposals, and in other ways as needed.

Annual Report: The Faculty Senate requests that this committee provide a written report to the Faculty Senate by April 15 of each year. This report should summarize the body´s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee.

Membership: One designee from Information Technology, one designee from Academic Affairs, the Registrar or designee, The Vice-President for Finance and Administration or designee, one designee from the Office of the President, one Dean selected by the Council of Deans for a two-year term, one Faculty Member from each college selected by the Faculty Senate for staggered three-year terms, one faculty member from the Library, one Faculty Technology Coordinator selected by the Director of Instructional Development, one Staff member selected by the Staff Senate for a three-year term, one graduate student selected by the Student Government Association, one undergraduate student selected by the Student Government Association, and one representative each from the Police Department, the Physical Plant, and Athletics.

The chair of the committee will be elected by a simple majority of the Committee members.


Chair (elected by committee) TBA 2013

Brent Herring                           Information Services Designee                       Permanent

Laura Young                            Academic Affairs Designee                            Permanent

Becky Rasnick                           Registrar's Office Designee                           Permanent

Jason Rankin                            VP Finance and Administration Designee       Permanent

Julia Winden Fey                      VP for Enrollment Management Designee       Permanent

President's Office Designee                            Permanent

Jeremy Crabb                           Police Department Designee                          Permanent

Ray Stahl                                  Physical Plant Designee                                   Permanent

Josh Goff                                  Athletics Designee                                             Permanent

Dean - VACANT                                       Council of Deans

VACANT (LA)             Faculty Senate

VACANT (HBS)                    Faculty Senate

Ron Fisher (FAC)                      Faculty Senate                                                  2015

Shelly Albritton (ED)                 Faculty Senate                                                  2015

Summer Bartczak (BUS)            Faculty Senate                                               2016

VACANT (NSM)                       Faculty Senate

VACANT                       Director of Torreyson Library Designee

Faculty Technology Associate Advisory Board

Mark Heffington                            Staff Senate Appointment                            2015

TBA Student Government Association, Graduate Student

TBAStudent Government Association, Undergraduate Student
Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost

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Edited: 7/28/14