Housing Exemptions Committee


To review the requests of students who wish to live off campus during their freshman year.


  1. Two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  2. Three staff members appointed by the Staff Senate.
  3. Three students appointed by the Student Senate.
  4. The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as an ex officio member.

The terms of the faculty and staff members are for five years, with one leaving the committee each year. The chair and secretary are elected by the committee.


Member Term Title
Susan Barclay (COE) 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Jaime Zambrano (CLA) 2017 Faculty Senate Appointment
Reggie Prevoe 2020 Staff Senate Appointments
Cheryl Theall 2016 Staff Senate Appointments
vacant 2018 Staff Senate Appointments
Ryan Pfaff 2016 SGA Appointments
Brandon Harris 2016 SGA Appointments
Kendall Leggett 2016 SGA Appointments
Stephanie McBrayer Permanent Vice President



on call

Reports to:

Vice-president for Financial and Administrative Services

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees         �

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