Honors Council

Charge: The council formulates and recommends policies and programs to the Council of Deans relating to honors and awards. The Director of Exemplary Studies and the Director of the Honors College work closely with the council in securing consultation and approval in developing programs and in instituting changes within the campus-wide Honors Program.

Membership: The Honors Council is composed of one faculty member from each college serving three-year rotating terms with the  the director of the honors college as ex officio members. The director of Exemplary Studies is the permanent chair of this committee. The membership of the council is selected by the Faculty Senate. The director of exemplary studies and the director of the honors college function under the immediate supervision of the provost.


Member Term Title
Rick Scott Permanent Director of Honors Program
Laura Bowles (FAC) 2016 Faculty Senate Appointments
Joe Horton (BUS) 2016 Faculty Senate Appointments
Leah Horton (NSM) 2017 Faculty Senate Appointments
Shoudong Feng (ED) 2017 Faculty Senate Appointments
Elson Bihm (NBS) 2015 Faculty Senate Appointments
Alana Reid (LA) 2015 Faculty Senate Appointments

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees              �

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