Honorary Degree Committee


The honorary doctorate is the highest academic honor awarded by the university. It is bestowed in recognition of outstanding contributions to society through intellectual, professional, scientific, artistic, or public service efforts. In granting an honorary degree, the University of Central Arkansas acknowledges excellence and provides an example to members of the university community.


  1. Four tenured faculty members. Faculty members will serve staggered four-year terms. No academic college may have more than one representative.
    • One appointed by the president.
    • One appointed by the provost.
    • Two appointed by the Faculty Senate.
  2. The president of the Faculty Senate, or designee
  3. The president of the Student Government Association, or designee
  4. The president of the Staff Senate, or designee
  5. The president of the Alumni Association
  6. The dean of the Graduate School

The dean of the Graduate School will serve as committee chair, but will be a non-voting member.


Member Term Title
John Gale (CFAC) 2022 Presidential Appointment
Mike Casey (COB) 2022 Provost Appointment
Shoudong Feng (COE) 2021 Faculty Senate Appointments
Donna Bowman (Hon) (nominated) 2022 Faculty Senate Appointments
Rahul Mehta 2019 President of Faculty Senate
Leslie Graybeal 2019 President of Staff Senate
Joshua Eddinger-Lucero 2019 President of Student Senate
Alex McDonald 2019 President of Alumni Association
Angela Barlow Permanent  Dean of Graduate School, Chair, Non-Voting



on call


to Provost

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