Scholarship Committee


The Vice President for Finance and Administration is charged with responsibility of oversight and compliance of university academic and departmental/performance scholarships. Through the creation of a Finance and Administration Compliance Office and the Scholarship Committee, the following duties are performed: formulation and maintenance of scholarship policies and procedures; monitoring of projected expenditures; analyzing the impact of policy changes; submission of new or revised policies to Cabinet; and reviewing exception requests by students.


Representation from the following offices: Compliance Office (Chair), Academic Affairs, Admissions, Athletics, Budget and Finance, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Institutional Research, Student Accounts, and UCA Foundation.  In addition, three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate will be voting members of the committee and serve three-year staggered terms.


Member Term Title
Drew Courtway Permanent, Chair Compliance Office representative
Lori Hudspeth Permanent Academic Affairs representative
Courtney Bryant Permanent Admissions representative
Darrell Walsh Permanent Athletics representative
Terri Canino Permanent Budget and Finance representative
Cheryl Lyons Permanent Financial Aid representative
Tracy Monin Permanent UCA Foundation representative
Amber Hall Permanent Institutional Research representative
John Fincher Permanent Student Affairs representative
Chad Hearne Permanent Student Accounts representative
Cindy Lea (Honors) 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Sonya Fritz (CLA) 2019 Faculty Senate Appointment
Linda Hsu (FAC) 2018 Faculty Senate Appointment


on call, but generally weekly to semi-monthly

Reports to

Vice President of Finance and Administration


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