Health and Wellness Promotion Committee

Charge: To coordinate individual and departmental efforts to promote health and wellness at UCA. Specifically the committee will:

  1. Assess wellness and health needs of faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Plan and implement programs to meet those needs.
  3. Evaluate efforts in health promotion and disease prevention on campus.
  4. Serve as an advisory committee for alcohol and drug issues as related to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. As stipulated by the act, the committee will:
    1. Review current UCA policies that support drug-free schools and communities.
    2. Conduct a biennial review of the UCA drug prevention program to determine its effectiveness, implement changes, and ensure that related discipline sanctions are consistently enforced.
    3. Serve as a review committee as requested by the director of the health resources center.
    4. Conduct research on drug knowledge, attitudes, and practices of students, staff, and faculty.

Membership: The Director of the Health Resource Center will be a permanent member. Two faculty members from each college will be appointed by the Faculty Senate. Four staff members will be appointed by the Staff Senate, with at least two representing the Counseling Center, Health Services, the Physical Plant, Public Affairs, and Public Safety. Faculty and Staff Senate appointees will serve rotating two-year terms. Two students will be appointed by the Student Senate and two will be selected by the committee to serve one-year terms. The committee will elect its chair.

Capacity Member Term Expires Chair (elected by committee) Shauna Meador TBA Permanent Faculty Senate Appointments Joseph Howard (LA) 2012 Michael Gallagher (HBS) 2012 Mary Victoria McDonald (NSM) 2012 Mark McMurtrey (BUS) 2012 Steve Ward (ED) 2012 Shauna Meador (FAC) 2012 Mary Beth Sullivan (LA) 2013 Lorri George (HBS) 2013 Karen Thessing (NSM) 2013 Bill Friedman  (BUS) 2013 Patricia Kohler-Evans (ED) 2013 Holly Laws (FAC) 2013 Staff Senate Appointments Vicki Parish 2014  Josh Markham 2014  Kimberly Ashley-Pauley 2015 Tiffany Johnson 2015 Students (Student Senate Appointment) Jordan Huntze 2012 Logan Jones 2012 Students (Committee Selections) TBA 2012 TBA 2012
Meetings: monthly

Reports to: Vice President for Student Services

Send minutes to: Chair of Committee on Committees              �

Page last updated:  8/21/2013