Faculty Grievance Committee

CHARGE: To hear and review all grievances from faculty that do not arise within the context of academic freedom, promotion, tenure, termination, or non-reappointment. Committees to hear grievances shall be selected from the members of the panel as set forth herein.

PROCEDURE: The operating procedures of the council will be consistent with the procedures written in Section XV of  "Procedures for Faculty Grievance and Appeals" in the Faculty Handbook.

ANNUAL REPORT AND PRESENTATION: The Faculty Senate requests that this committee provide a written report to the Faculty Senate by February 1 of each year. This report should summarize the body´s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee. The chair of this committee shall contact the President of the Faculty Senate to schedule a presentation to the full Senate by this same date.

MEMBERSHIP: The panel will consist of two tenured faculty members from each college, elected for staggered two-year terms. Such persons shall not hold the position of dean, assistant dean, department chair, or comparable administrative position. Committees selected from the panel shall consist of five (5) persons.

  1. Faculty shall be selected by each college at the beginning of the fall term.
  2. Persons from the department of either the grievant or the person against whom the grievance is filed will be ineligible to serve on the committee.
  3. The committee hearing the grievance shall elect its own chair who retains a vote.
    In the case of an appeal alleging race, age, gender, national origin, or disability discrimination, the affirmative action equal employment officer will sit on the council as a non-voting ex officio member.


Member Term Appointment
Shoudong Feng 2017 COE
 Michael Scoles 2017  CHBS
Ronnie McGaughey 2017  COB
Ben Rider 2017  CLA
George Bratton 2017  CNSM
 Jennifer Rospert 2017 CFAC
Roger Pauly 2016 CLA
Shauna Meador 2016 CFAC
Jane Filer 2016  COE
vacant 2016  CHBS
Paul Jensen  2016 COB
Melissa Kelley 2016 CNSM


Meetings: on call

Reports to: President

If constituted, send minutes to: Faculty Senate President

Page last updated: November 17, 2015