Faculty Emeritus/Emerita Committee


  1. The committee evaluates recommendations for distinguished emeritus/emerita status, within the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees.
  2. The committee may recommend criteria for eligibility to distinguished emeritus/emerita status.
  3. The committee may recommend the privileges and rewards accompanying distinguished emeritus/emerita status.
  4. The committee is responsible for publicizing the existence of this honor.


The committee consists of the provost or designee who will serve as chair, one tenured associate or full professor from each academic college, and two tenured at-large members. Members other than the chair are appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating three-year terms.



Member College Term
Steve Runge, Chair Provost Permanent
Karen Oxner COB 2019
Patty Phelps COE 2019
Karen Steelman CNSM 2017
Raymond Frontain CLA 2017
Bruce Hutchinson CFAC 2018
Tina Mankey CHBS 2018
Brian Massey CFAC, At Large 2017
John Choinski CNSM, At Large 2017



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