UCA Core Council


  1. To review the current UCA Core program and make appropriate recommendations to the Council of Deans.
  2. To review and recommend to the Council of Deans new and revised UCA Core curricula proposed by the various departments and colleges.
  3. To initiate and recommend policies and procedures relevant to UCA Core requirements.


  1. One department chair is elected from each of the academic colleges.
  2. Two faculty members elected from each academic college with at least one holding the rank of assistant professor or above;
  3. One faculty member elected by the University College faculty.
  4. One faculty member elected by the Schedler Honors College faculty.
  5. Two students are invited to serve as members of the council, one representing the Student Government Association and one representing Alpha Chi.
  6. The Director of UCA Core serves as chair of the Council.
  7. The associate provost as designated by the provost, university director of assessment, director of the library and the registrar are ex-officio, non-voting members.

Each council member serves three years on a rotating basis. Students serve one-year terms. The council elects its secretary each academic year.


Term Position
Jacob Held Permanent Chair, Director of UCA Core
Kurt Boniecki Ex-officio Associate Provost
 Brandon Combs Ex-officio Director of Assessment
Dean Covington Ex-officio Director of the Library
Becky Rasnick Ex-officio Registrar
Stephanie Watson 2019 Chair, COB
John Gale 2020 Chair, CFAC
Steve O’Connell 2018 Chair, CNSM
Wendy Lucas 2019 Chair, CLA
Steve Tucker 2020 Chair, CHBS
Michael Mills 2018 Chair, COE
Mike Ellis 2018  COB
Steve Nelson 2020 COB
Laura Hall 2019 CHBS
Kim Eskola 2018 CHBS
Sonya Fritz 2018 CLA
Zachary Smith 2020 CLA
Donna Wake  2019 COE
Amy Thompson 2020 COE
Matt Connolly 2019  CNSM
Bernard Chen 2020  CNSM
Carey Clark 2019 CFAC
Laura Bowles 2018 CFAC
Ron Novy 2019 UC
Ellen Hotstetter 2020 Honors
Robert Sunde ___ Alpha Chi
Sophie Barnes 2018 SGA


X-period the first Tuesday of each month. On all other times as needed.

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