Assistance Program For Students With Exceptional Circumstances

Assistance Program For Students With Exceptional Circumstances

See UCA Board Policy 710


  1. Associate provost for assessment and enrollment support;
  2. Associate provost for instructional support;
  3. Director of financial aid (or designee);
  4. Two faculty members selected by the Faculty Senate; and
  5. Two student members selected by the Student Government Association


Member Term Title
Julia Roberson Permanent Director of financial aid (or designee)
Ashley Pettingill Permanent International Engagement
Kurt Boniecki Permanent Chair, Associate provost for instructional support
Lauren Maxwell 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Lei Yang 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Karon Marbley 2018 SGA Appointment
 Pauline Audras 2018 SGA Appointment


July and December and on call

Reports to:

Vice-President for Financial and Administrative Services.

Send minutes to:  Chair of the Committee on Committees             �

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