How Do I Drop a Class?

Procedure for Dropping Class

  1. See your Athletic Academic Advisor for a Schedule Change Form and the Advisor’s signature.
  2. (Football and Men’s Basketball ONLY) See Academic Coach or Head Coach for signature.
  3. See Compliance Coordinator for signature.
  4. Deliver Schedule Change Form with all necessary signatures to the Registrar’s Office in McCastlain Hall.
  5. Notify your instructor that you have dropped the class.

*** Remember, dropping below 12 hours will make you ineligible****

Think Before You Drop

Do not stop attending a class or drop a class until you have the full picture. You need to be completely award of your academic progress. Dropping a class can be a short-term solution which may create a long-term problem. Make sure you understand the consequences before you stop attending or drop a class.

  • Is this class a prerequisite for another class that I need to take?
  • If I drop this class, can I declare the major that I want?
  • How will dropping this class affect my summer plans?
  • How will dropping this class affect my eligibility?
  • How will dropping this class affect my satisfactory progress as defined by both UCA and the NCAA?
  • How will dropping this class affect my health insurance? My taxes? My residency status? My academic scholarship?

If you can’t answer these questions, you are not ready to drop a class. Visit with your academic advisor to answer these questions.

If you must drop a class, make sure you drop the right class.

Do not drop or stop attending any of your classes until after you have received a significant grade in each of your classes.

Wait until you can make a genuinely informed decision about your long-term best academic interests.

Too often, students who drop or stop attending a class early in the semester find they have made a serious mistake. They drop a class in which they could have done reasonably well, and then they have to stay in a class in which they have less likelihood of succeeding.

If you dorp a class because you “don’t like it” or it’s “too hard,” you will be down to 12 or 13 hours. Once you are enrolled in only 12 or 13 hours, you are prohibited from dropping another class without forfeiting your eligibility, including your right to practice or work out with your team. It will also affect your financial aid package.