Response to HPER expansion

Recently, a question was asked regarding administration putting the final prints for the HPER Center Expansion online. This information is now available in PDF format.


Response to Multiple Questions Concerning Campus Talk


1. Why aren’t the answers to ALL questions, both submitted ones and those asked live at the Campus Talk, posted online?

2. Why aren’t the questions themselves posted also? (if they are, I can’t find them). Without knowledge of the question, the reader cannot draw much from the answer. The question needs to be posted.

3. I missed the session where the President was asked about alcohol during tailgating. I talked to a co-worker who attended. The co-worker said the President’s response included something about UCA being public land,etc.. Seems like a significant point, yet I do not see anything along those lines in the answer posted online. Are there not transcripts or detailed minutes of the Campus Talks? Makes me wonder how complete and accurate are the posted answers, compared to what is actually said?


We encourage “live” questions at the Campus Talk but have not had many questions asked.  We have not been recording the campus talks and have not had someone designated to take notes.  We will be glad to try to remedy this and look into recording the Campus Talk (either audio or possibly video) and also can see if someone can take notes and post them on the web.

Regarding Alcohol on University Premesis

President Courtway addressed this question at the Oct 17th Campus Talk.  He said the university does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages during tailgating at UCA football home games.  However, like many institutions across the country, we have encouraged tailgating in general and feel that our faculty, staff, students, alumni and university police work together to make our home football games festive and safe events.

Academic Integrity

President Courtway stated that while a specific seminar for all incoming freshmen students was not done this past year, sessions concerning academic integrity were conducted at the S.O.A.R. sessions during the past summer for freshmen/new student orientation events.  Enrollment Management is working on making sure this instruction will be incorporated and the Provost Office is looking at other ways to delivery this information, even possibly in video format.  The logistics of mandating 2,300 students at one time to attend an event would be difficult – thus the summer orientation sessions as a way to do academic integrity training.

What is the status of the president search?

The search for a new president has not started.