Katelyn Knox

Assistant Professor of French


Irby 207 B

(501) 450-5585

Dr. Knox completed her doctorate at the University of California Los Angeles and her bachelors at Williams College. Her book, Race on Display in 20th- and 21st-Century France (Liverpool University Press, 2016) addresses a central tension in contemporary France: the relationship between race, ethnicity, immigration, and national identity. The project turns the tables on the rhetoric of “internal otherness” in contemporary France, asking its reader not to spot those deemed France’s internal others but rather to deconstruct the very gazing impulses that produce them. She is currently working on a second book examining twenty-first-century Francophone Afropean artists who straddle the music/literature divide. She teaches all levels of French language, literature, and culture, focusing particularly on race, ethnicity, and cultural identity in the Francophone world.