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The "HOT-FOUND" issue of the Toad Suck Review has just exploded in a fireball of Blazing Literary Imaginations! Flame on, Jack Kerouac--whose long-lost letter to Holy Denver burns burns burns, even after 20 years adrift in the Phantom Zone! But witness also Beat Legend Diane Di Prima and Mythic Slinger Ed Dorn, whose Critical Intel sizzles with Torrid Truths! Yep, the Toad is all fired up in #5 by the work of Jericho Brown, Linda King, Adam Clay, Stacy Kidd, Elva Maxine Beach, Tim Lepczyk, Nate Jordon & more more more--so get it while it's SMOKING HOT!!! Lifetime subscriptions are still $75.

Copies can be purchased at the UCA Campus Bookstore or ordered directly from Amazon or SPD (, or you can send a check for $15 payable to "UCA" to the address below  (no shipping and handling necessary, but add $20 for international orders). For more info, write the eds at

Toad Suck Review
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The award-winning Toad Suck Review has just published its fourth issue, which explores the theme of “lost.” In fact, we call it “The Lost Issue.” How clever! There’s a long lost Rimbaud forgery that we’ve resurrected, brilliantly translated into English for the first time by Daryl Spurlock. There’s a long lost letter from William S. Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg about his cut-up method of composing. There’s long lost prose from Charles Portis and poetry from Vicente Aleixandre. There’s fiction from Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly about an historic flood almost lost to our national consciousness. And there’s an interview with the one and only Damien Echols, who lost eighteen years of his life to death row after being falsely convicted of a notorious murder in West Memphis, Arkansas. You’ll enjoy his probing insights into hope and forgiveness. With the help of our staff of hard-working MFA grad students from the Arkansas Writers Workshop, the editors have put together another dazzling issue,replete with original cover art featuring a long lost photograph of Rimbaud himself, that bad boy of the French decadent movement. This year’s issue also contains work by Davis Schneiderman, Christopher Citro and Dustin Nightingale, Kyle Flak, Klipschutz, Billy Cancel, J.D. Irpino, Claire T. Field, Simon Perchik, Jeffrey Zable, Jennifer McGaha, M. John Fayhee, Matthew Henriksen, Seth Pennington, Tom Lavoie, Joshua D. Bellin, Greg Graham, Bob May, Bob Mielke, Radha Bharadwaj, Sean Rabin, Jacqueline Doyle, Michael Cuglietta, David Taylor, JoeAnn Hart, Scott Ezell, and Daniel Banulescu, with artwork by J.J. Cromer and photographs by Sarah Katharina Kayβ. Lifetime subscriptions are still $75.




They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it: The award-winning Toad Suck Review (thanks, Library Journal) has just published a 3D issue with 3D back and front covers and 3D glasses inside, thereby revolutionizing the lit journal industry! Not only that, but we now have an enhanced web-presence at With our new staff of MFA grad students from the Arkansas Writers Workshop, the Toad continues to innovate and excite. This year’s issue contains work by Gary Snyder, Edward Abbey, Lew Welch, Ed Sanders, Gerald Locklin, Antler and Jean Genet. Other artists include Jesse Glass, Rex Rose, Molly Kat, Skip Fox, Tyrone Jaeger, Sandy Longhorn, Dennis Humphrey, Mark Jackson, Chris Shipman, Andrew Hill, Juste Kibbe, Drea Kato, C. Prozac, Ben McClendon, Mark DeCarteret, Jay Levon, Heather Cox, Emily Eddins, Brent House, Brad Johnson, Larry Lefkowitz, Devin Murphy, Timothy Kercher, Fred Petrucelli, Margarita Meklina, Krystyna Anna Steiger, Zviad Ratiani, Dailila Gogia, Tracy Thomas, Peter Liu and Xu Xi. Lifetime subscriptions are still $75.


Toad Suck ReviewToad Suck Review #2 is now out! It’s bigger than before, shinier than before, and chock-full of the most cutting-edge lit in 2012! We have work by the legendary Charles Bukowski, Amiri Baraka, Shepard Fairey, Anne Waldman, and Louis-Ferdinand Céline!
Other authors and artists include Dan Chaon, Craig Paulenich, Richard Kostelanetz, Patrick Hicks, Katie Fallon, Tim Dardis, Nat Hardy, Andrew Hill, Gary McCullough, Christian Blades, Sharon Andrews, C. Prozac, Vincent Cellucci, Roy Trask, Conor Woody, Thomas Cochran, Frank Thurmond, Joaoa Cerqueira, Francie Bolter, Juned Subhan, Debangana Banerjee, Kirby Olson, Karen Lillis, Mike Topp, the Dirty Poet, Brenda Hammack, M. Benedict, Court Merrigan, Terry Wright, Kate LaDew, Karen Bennett, Kelvin Krill, B. Frank, Alan Britt, Angie Spoto and Ileana Ioana! This issue premiers our new eco and translation sections, in addition to poetry, fiction, essays, photos, artwork, reviews, the world!

 (named in honor of the great Toad Suck region of Central Arkansas)

Toad Suck Review - First EditionToad Suck Review is a national/international literary journal published by the Department of Writing in the College of Fine Arts and Communication at the University of Central Arkansas. Its mission is to publish the most cutting-edge works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations and reviews in the Universe.

The 2011 debut of issue #1 (the “transitional issue”) marks the beginning of an annual literary phenomenon. Born from the legendary Exquisite Corpse Annual (whose editor in chief was the iconic Andrei Codrescu), which the Writing Department published from 2008 to 2010, “the Toad” now takes the place of “the Corpse” in an historic evolution that has established UCA as a major player in the literary arts.

Toad Suck Review is open to diverse styles and voices and is committed to showcasing Arkansas talent alongside myriad international luminaries. The editors intend to develop an “eco-edge,” while publishing scholarship and artwork as well as traditional genres. Like its predecessor, the review’s quixotic sense of humor and multi-cultural intrigue will continue! Meanwhile, as always, there will be regular local and national literary events ranging from panels to readings to rockfests to launchapaloozas. The review offers three assistant editor positions per year; two for student interns at UCA, and one for a Hendrix intern in the summer.

Issue #1 contains a star-spangled line up of emerging and established writers. Poet laureates include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jack Hirschman, Antler and C.D. Wright. Other renowned writers include Xaviera Hollander, Lyn Lifshin, Kevin Brockmeier, Marck Beggs, Jack Collom, David Gessner, Leticia Luna, Jacques Prévert, Norman Shapiro, Daniel Grandbois, William Lychack, Willie Smith, Mike Topp and Davis Schneiderman. Toad Suck Review is also proud to include cover art by Johnnie M. Gray and Julee Jaeger, as well as masterpieces by Alfredo Bedoya, Jose Beduya, Perrin Carrell, Cathy Day, Stephanie Vanderslice, Anna Leahy, Menachem Feuer, Bernard Reed, Timothy Snediker, Toshiya Kamei, Myron Michael, David X. Machina, Kelvin Krill, C. Prozak, Mr. Stir Fry and Poetry Class.

Expquisite Corpse 2nd EditionBACK ISSUES AVAILABLE!!!


Issue #2 of Exquisite Corpse Annual features artwork by R. Crumb, a blockbuster feature on Jan Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson’s last letter, and poetry by Ed Sanders, Bernadette Mayer, Anne Waldman, Bill Lavender, Debra Di Blasi, Eleanor Nauen, Mike Topp, and John Vanderslice. Prose by Steve Katz, Gerald Nicosia, Tyrone Jaeger, Gretchen Henderson, Larry Betz, Andrei Plesu, Pat Nolan, Kevin P.Q. Phelan, Brook Wilensky-Lanford, Jared Schickling and Hariette Surovell!! $10 a piece if ordered directly from Toad Suck Headquarters.  Just send a check to the address above made out to "UCA."

Expquisite Corpse 1st EditionEXQUISITE CORPSE ANNUAL #1, 2009

Exquisite Corpse Annual #1 includes artwork by Ralph Steadman and Joel Lipman; poetry by Diane di Prima, Bill Berkson, Alice Notley, Mike Topp, Jim Gustafson, Ruxandra Cesereanu; prose by Jerome Rothenberg, Willie Smith, Aram Saroyan, Robin Becker, Garry Craig Powell, Bob May, Lance Olsen, Davis Schneiderman, and more more more! $10 a piece if ordered directly from Toad Suck Headquarters.  Just send a check to the address above made out to "UCA."