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Keep on track for graduation by planning your courses using the Linguistics Major or Minor check sheet.

Linguistics Major Checksheet

Linguistics Minor Checksheet


When students declare Linguistics as their major, they must sign a contract.  The contract assures that students are aware of the graduation requirement to complete a Linguistics Portfolio, which we use for assessment of our program.  The contract also requires students to choose which of the four tracks they will complete. 

Student Contract for Linguistics Majors 


All linguistics majors turn in a portfolio that demonstrates their growth and proficiency in the core areas of linguistics and the student’s chosen track area.  The portfolio must be received by the major advisor two weeks before the student’s projected graduation date.  The portfolio will be assessed by the rubric below by professors in the Department of Writing and affiliated departments as required. 

 Portfolio Requirements for Students

 Linguistics Portfoilio Rubric


BRAVO funds are to be used for student development involving travel to help our students engage in enriching experiences beyond the classroom.  Generally, these funds are used to travel to attend conferences in linguistics. 


Only majors and minors in writing, creative writing and linguistics are eligible.

  • Priority goes to
  • seniors in a major (must have completed at least 24 of the major hours)
  • seniors in a minor (must have completed at least 12 of the minor hours)
  • juniors in a major (must have completed at least 12 of the major hours) 
  • juniors in a minor (must have completed at least 9 of the minor hours)

A student may only be awarded funds once so as to give students in upcoming years an opportunity to use these funds.

 BRAVO Application