Information for Prospective Internship Partners

The Department of Writing uses the term "Internship Partner" to describe organizations and businesses who create an internship position for our majors and minors pursuing degrees in Writing, Creative Writing, and Linguistics.

Intern CollageWe use the term "partner" deliberately to foreground the joint interest we share in offering students educational opportunities in settings other than a classroom.

As partners, we work together to identify roles and tasks that make use of students' skills and talent. We further look for opportunities to stretch students' knowledge and experience. And we arrange schedules that accommodate an employer's needs while recognizing a student's class schedule. In short, we share the goal of creating an internship experience that is positive for everyone.

Internships can be created to extend over a set period of time or for work on a specific project. They can also be paid or unpaid.

If you are interested in more information about creating an internship, please contact the Department of Writing's Internship Coordinator, Dr. Kyle Mattson, at 501.450.3338 or email him at