Request For Proposals

You’ve spent years honing your skills as a professional. Now share your experience and knowledge by submitting a proposal for consideration to present your work for the College of Liberal Arts’ “Exploring Our World” educational series.

The “Exploring Our World” educational series is an outreach and engagement opportunity provided to UCA and surrounding communities to participate in meaningful dialogue across liberal arts and humanities topics.

The purpose of the series is to provide high-quality education and knowledge-building opportunities for students, professionals and people of all walks of life. The primary goal is to meet the university’s mission to outreach to and engage the community with the campus.

Presenters are encouraged to submit topics on historical, current and emerging issues, best practices and challenges facing the world and humanity. When applicable, presenters should also consider developing topics that provide K-12 educators professional development credit.

The College of Liberal Arts Lecture: Exploring Our World Series is free to participants. Any compensation for presenting a lecture ($150), seminar ($250) or workshop ($500) will be at the discretion of each academic department. Refreshments will be sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts. Proposals must be submitted by Friday, July ​15, 2016.

Who can submit a proposal?

At this time, we are only extending invitations to UCA faculty and staff to submit a request for proposal.

General Submission Guidelines

  1. Proposals must describe original work/research.
  2. The presenter must complete an event template worksheet before submitting
    the online request for proposal.
  3. The final document must be edited and comply with submission guidelines.
  4. Target audience and scope of event must be clearly defined.
  5. Presentation length must be one of the following:
  • Lecture = 60 minutes
  • Seminar = 90 minutes
  • Workshop = 4 hours

Proposals will be rejected if all steps of the proposal submission process are not completed.

Presentation Criteria

  • Appeal
  • Timeliness and relevance
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Originality

You will receive notification by e-mail regarding the status of your proposal. All proposals will be reviewed upon submission by Dr. Maurice Lee, Dean of College of Liberal Arts.

Please use the online template to complete your request.

1. Please e-mail your questions to:


If you are not UCA faculty or staff and have an idea for a presentation, please email us at