Massage Chair


Massage Chair Guidelines – Fall 2020
    • Only individuals with a previously scheduled appointment will be able to use the chair.
    • No back-to-back sessions are allowed.
    • Individuals must wear a mask while entering and leaving the room. Masks may be taken off during the session.
    • Chair and touch points will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
    • Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and headrest covers are located on the shelf for your convenience.
    • Individuals may listen to their own music at a volume level that only the user can enjoy.
    • At the end of your session, please return the chair to the upright position by pressing the red button on the remote.
To make an appointment to use the massage chair, please click here.

Students have access to a Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The Relaxation Room has a Bluetooth speaker, lavender hand lotion, peppermints, and calm décor all to enhance your relaxation experience.

Students, faculty, and staff can visit the office in the Student Health Center and use the Massage Chair located in a private Relaxation Room. Sessions last 15 minutes and appointments can be made one day in advance.  

Programs include Relax, Comfort, Stretch, Healthcare, and Full Air.