80 Proof – Student Organization


80 PROOF is a peer education group designed to educate students of the risks associated with alcohol and encourage them to make responsible choices.

How to get involved: 
Fill out an application and return it along with your $10 membership fee to the Office of Student Wellness and Development, room 308, in the Student Health Center by the deadline.

What is my role and what are my responsibilities as a member of 80 PROOF?
 Your role in 80 PROOF is vital to its success. As a member, you will represent this organization to the student body not only by helping with our events, but also by acting as a role model to students.  Members will be able to help staff with all 80 PROOF events and will attend 2 general meetings per semester. Members will also be the first to receive all 80 PROOF promotional materials including free t-shirts, pens, cups, buttons, etc.