Current Students

The University of  Central Arkansas requires all students to certify their schedule with the Veterans’ Services Office every term in which they want to have their classes certified to the Department of Veterans Affairs for disbursement of VA Education Benefits. Please do not submit certification forms until you have your final schedule and all classes have been registered.  If you are on a waitlist, bring in your Concise Schedule (NOT the student detail schedule), and if/when you have added and/or removed the class, bring in the new schedule accordingly.

Every semester, the student must have: Concise Student Schedule, updated Program Completion Plan (PCP), and will fill out the Enrollment Verification Form in the office. This form is not available outside of the office. If the student is missing either the correct schedule, or lacks an updated PCP, they will not be allowed to complete the Enrollment Verification Form.

Dropping a class(es) or withdrawing from the University of Central Arkansas

Students who wish to drop a course or withdraw from the University of Arkansas will need to submit a Schedule Change Form or a University Withdrawal FormThese will need to be filled out, and the student will need to visit Advisors, Financial Aid Office, the Veterans’ Services Office, and the Registrars Office. This will notify UCA’s Veterans’ Services Office Representative to report your change to the VA.  Over-payments may result in a debt letter being sent directly to the student.

Using Benefits at Another School

If you would like to take courses at another college to meet requirements for your degree at the University of  Central Arkansas, you may do so by having an approved Parent Letter sent from the University of Central Arkansas to the school in which you wish to take classes.  Students may also combine their credit hours, if they wish to increase their benefits if they are taking courses at more than one school at the same time.  In order to take courses at another school, you will need to meet with the VA Certifying Official at the Veterans’ Services Office.

Verifying Attendance (Monthly Requirement)

  • All students using Chapter 1606, 1607 and 30 benefits must verify attendance with the VA monthly in order to receive your benefit.  Usually no earlier than the last calendar day of each month, but sometimes sooner.
  • Verify attendance online or call 877-823-2378.

University of Central Arkansas 25% Discount for National Guard and Reserves

Undergraduate students in either the Arkansas National Guard or Air National Guard are eligible for a 25% discount (on course of studies only) provided they submit a letter of good standing from their unit of assignment and have a 2.0 grade point average.  These requirements must be met every semester the waiver is desired.