Activation/Mobilization Checklist




  • Notify the School and your professor/instructor that you have been activated and present the appropriate administrator with a copy of your orders. Do not give a copy to your professors. Provide a copy to the Certifying Official of the Veterans’ Services Office, and one to Financial Aid.


  • Be sure to make contact either in person or via telephone.  Leaving a voicemail or email message is insufficient because further information may be required.


  • Keep a record of names, dates, individuals, and a brief summary of your conversations with the school and lending institution.


  • Notify your school’s VA Certifying Official that you have been activated and present your activation orders.  Discuss the appropriate course of action with the VA Counselor.


Note: Do not withdraw from school until you have your orders.


  • Contact your student loan lending institution.  It is your responsibility to follow through with any procedure the lender indicates.


  • Call your Unit Education Office.  If you encounter and problems resolving your academic status, request assistance from your Education Coordinator.


Note: To ensure proper credit and to prevent any financial loss to the military member, these steps must be completed prior to departure.



  • Contact the VA Certifying Official at your school to determine your eligibility for the Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP – Chapter 1607) or the Active Duty GI Bill (MGIB-AD Chapter 30) and to establish reinstatement of your GI Bill benefits.
  • If you were deployed for 730 consecutive days (2 years), to determine your eligibility for MGIB-AD Chapter 30, contact the Education Officer at your installation, or your state GI Bill Manager.



  • Upon return to home installation, if you plan to continue your education, contact your college admissions professional to find out what steps you must take to re-enroll.  If you withdrew from school, you may be required to re-apply in order to get back into their system.  Contact your School’s admissions counselor for application details and to determine your class standing.

Note: Depending on how long you were away from school, this process may differ from that of a first time applicant


  • Re-establish contact with your academic advisor to discuss continuation of your degree program and applicable credit for your military experience and training.
  • Contact your Unit Education Office to determine eligibility for tuition assistance ad state-funded education assistance (if applicable).

A word document, for your convenience, can be found here: ACTIVATION & MOBILIZATION CHECKLIST.