UNIV 0361 – Fundamentals of College Literacy: Reading, Reasoning, and Writing

Undergraduate Bulletin Course Description

An introduction to the strategies needed in college-level reading and writing. Entering students with an ACT subscore below 19 (or equivalent placement score) in Reading or an ACT subscore below 16 (or equivalent) in Writing are required to register for this course during their first enrollment period and during each subsequent enrollment period until they earn a course grade of “C” or higher. The grade in this course will not be used to compute semester and cumulative grade point averages. The course does not count toward any degree.  Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Objectives:

Students will demonstrate that:

  1. They have been introduced to reading strategies that will help them become capable and competent readers, able to discover meaning in a variety of college-level texts;
  2. They can demonstrate their critical understanding and comprehension through writing assessments including summary and paraphrase;
  3. They have been introduced to writing strategies and techniques that will help them write clearly, descriptively, and critically about college-level texts;
  4. They have been introduced to reading strategies and techniques designed to build vocabularies necessary to understand college-level texts;
  5. They can distinguish between main ideas and supporting details in college-level texts and in their own writing;
  6. They can distinguish between facts and opinions as well as recognize the importance of attitude and tone in college-level texts and in their own writing;
  7. They can integrate their own ideas with the ideas found in the texts, critically and confidently responding to that text in both in-class discussions and in resulting writing assignments;
  8. They can fulfill class attendance and participation requirements as well as turn in class assignments on or before the deadline.



To pass Fundamentals of College Literacy, students must achieve a passing grade of 70% or better for the class, which includes meeting attendance, coursework, and exit requirements.  The course will require 500-600 pages of non-fiction, academic reading throughout the semester, regular comprehension and skill quizzing to measure student effort and skill acquisition, and the production of 10-15 pages of written essay throughout the semester.  The course will also require students to spend one hour per week in the Academic Success Center, where they can work in an online homework platform but also have access to tutors specifically trained in helping students improve their Reading in the Academic Disciplines.  The exit requirements will include, at minimum, a writing sample that will be used to determine whether the student passing the course will be placed into either College Writing (WRTG 1310) or into a College Writing + Transitional Writing clustered course—in addition to any exit testing required by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.


Students are required to pass this course with a grade of “C” or higher.

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