Transitional Course Completion Policy

It is the policy of the University of Central Arkansas that any student who is required to complete transitional course work in reading, writing or mathematics must complete the courses required for remediation within three attempts per area at UCA with a grade of C or higher. Unsuccessful attempts are those that result in a grade of UN, D, F, W, WP, or WF. Failure to complete the required course(s) within three attempts per area will result in suspension from UCA. To re-enroll at UCA, a student must completeone of the following:

  • Demonstrate that the remediation need is met by completing the transitional course requirements with a grade of C or higher at another accredited institution of higher education and provide UCA with a transcript prior to registration for classes.
  • Earn a score at the college-level on the COMPASS test for the appropriate test (COMPASS scores of 83 and above for reading, 80 and above for writing, and 41 and above for math) and provide official test scores prior to registration for classes.

This Transitional Course Completion Policy also applies to former UCA students who choose to re-enroll at the University.

This policy was instituted in 1996 in response to state legislation (statute 6-62-107 and Act 1141 of 1993) that was designed to reduce remediation at four-year colleges and universities in Arkansas. The policy is administered at UCA through the University College.

UCA provides support services for students enrolled in the transitional courses including peer tutoring, computer-aided tutorials and software. Faculty maintain office hours so students can get individual help beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

To learn more about this policy or about University College, please contact:

University College
Main Hall, Room 10
Phone: 501-450-3220