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General Education Program


The purpose of the General Education Program at UCA is

  1. to enable students to have or to know where to locate the information they need to make informed decisions and hold responsible opinions about their lives and the relationship of their lives to the world in which they live;
  2. to help students develop intellectual skills, practical skills, and emotional and aesthetic sensitivities–that is, to prepare them to think, to feel, and to act competently in a complex, diverse, and constantly changing world; and
  3. to help students understand the values inherent in their culture and to be aware of other cultural traditions, values, and beliefs.

In fulfilling these general purposes, the program seeks to prepare students to be lifelong learners with the intellectual and emotional skills–the adaptability–to tackle the great changes they will undoubtedly experience during their adult lives; and to recognize the connectedness of human life and develop a sense of how humanity’s diverse pursuits relate to one another.  Links to the UCA Core and the report of the General Education Task Force can be found at:

What’s New in General Education

University College offers many of these courses, specially tailored to the unique academic needs of its students.  Some of the courses we have offered in the past are:

  • ENGL 2380 – Introduction to Poetry: Exposes the student to the development, forms, and techniques of poetry. Some attention is paid to prosodical, musical, and metrical effects.
  • FILM 2300 – Film Appreciation: Promotes understanding and appreciation of the art of cinema through study of film style, film history, film genres, and the cultural impact of films. Examines both the theory and practice of filmmaking. Lectures, readings, screenings.
  • HIST 1310 – World History I: Students examine major contributions to the advancement of global civilizations from ancient times to the early modern period (circa 1600). Lecture, discussion, analysis of documents, writing.
  • HIST 1320 – World History II: Students examine development of modern industrial and urban society from the seventeenth century to the present. Lectures, discussion, analysis of documents, writing.
  • MATH 1390 – College Algebra: This course satisfies the general education aims of the university by providing a solid foundation of algebraic concepts. The course includes the study of functions, relations, graphing, and problem solving, and provides a knowledge of how to apply these concepts to real problem situations. The primary methods of instruction are lecture and demonstration. Prerequisite: MATH ACT of 19 or higher or C or better in UNIV 1340.
  • PHIL 1301 – Philosophy for Living: Develops basic skills in critical thinking, emphasizing clarification of personal values, major views of human nature, and issues in philosophical thought. Combines lecture and discussion methods.
  • RELG 1320 – World Religions: A general education elective in the world cultural traditions area and encouraged for all students majoring or minoring in the religious studies program. This course introduces students to the study of great religions of the world–Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and others–by examining their history, beliefs, moral teachings, rituals, and practices. Combines lecture and discussion.
  • SPCH 1300 – Basic Oral Communication: Study, application, and evaluation of principles of organization, evidence, reasoning, critical thinking, verbal and nonverbal behavior, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and small group interaction in the oral communication setting. The emphasis will be on meeting the individual needs of students through individualized instruction using communication experiences.
  • WRTG 1310 – Introduction to College Writing: Part of the general education program and required of all students during the first semester they are eligible to enroll. This course introduces students to the writing process, focusing on audience, invention, and arrangement, and will be conducted as a workshop. Prerequisite: ACT score of 19 or higher or completion of UNIV 1300 with a grade of C or higher.
  • WRTG 1320 – Academic Writing & Research: Part of the general education program and required of all students during the first semester they are eligible to enroll. The course introduces students to academic argument based on substantiating, evaluating, and proposing claims. Research strategies are central to the course, which will be conducted as a workshop. Prerequisite. WRTG 1310 with a grade of C or higher.

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