Seminar Resources

UCA employees routinely request resources from previous seminars. Click on any seminar resource below for specific PowerPoint presentations and handouts. If you do not see what you are looking for, email and will will provide the resources you need.

Title IX Resources

Title IX Resources (Handout)

Title IX Q and A (Handout)


Diversity, Equity, or Civility Concern

PowerPoint Presentations

Diversity – Ethnicity

Diversity – Spirituality
Spirituality Discussion Questions

Diversity – Racial Understanding

Diversity – Classism

Diversity – Sexual Orientation

Diversity – Ageism

Diversity – Disabilities

Diversity – Gender

Diversity – Understanding ‘Military’ in an Educational Setting

Diversity – Nontraditional Student

Diversity – Civility & Communication in the Midst of Differences
Civility & Communication in the Midst of Differences (Handout)
Most Uncivil Classroom Behaviors (Handout)
Civility (Handout)

Privilege-What Does It Mean (Handout)
Privilege -Exercises & Action Steps (Handout)
Privilege-Inclusive Teaching (Handout)

Diversity – Connecting to the World
Communicating with Limited English Speaking Staff
Culture as an Iceberg
Helping Others Acculturate to U.S. Norms
International Employees and Students-DATA 

Workplace Harassment 2019-20
Workplace-Harassment-2019-2020 (Handout)

Diversity – Language
Coded Language
Connotative Words
Different Ways to Say the Same Thing
Direct Communication
Language Circle Activity
Language Definitions
Language Resources
Responding to Everyday Bigotry